March Video Testimony: Kerline Guillaume

Kerline is 23-years-old, currently pursuing her call to evangelism and full-time ministry while enrolled in Mainstream Leadership College at Faith Assembly of God in Orlando, FL.

Although Kerline’s siblings were born in Haiti, Kerline was born in Miami, FL where she grew up in a community called “Little Haiti”. Growing up, Kerline grew very close to a family friend who was like a father to her. Unfortunately, he developed cancer and passed away when she was about 16 years old. It wasn’t until after his death that she discovered that HE WAS HER BIOLOGICAL FATHER.

Without revealing too many details, it’s pertinent to know that within two year’s time, Kerline also lost her stepfather. Imagine the confusion,sadness, and doubt that must have accompanied this season. Watch the FULL VIDEO to learn how this who story unraveled.


February Testimony: Maria Toto


22 years ago, Maria Toto lost her father to a sudden heart attack. We know what you’re thinking: she doesn’t even look old enough to have lost a parent that long ago. In fact, she was only about 18 months old. Imagine what was going through the mind of her twenty-something-year-old mother; she had just lost the love of her life and was left to raise their child. By the grace of God, although Maria has never experienced the love of an earthly father, she’s confident that God is all she needs.

Maria Toto is a 23-year-old who is currently studying art at Flagler College. She loves a nice cup of tea and invests time drawing and dreaming. Maria is an advocate of all things artsy, such as reading, listening to jazz music, and painting.

Interestingly enough, Maria’s father passed away on August 13, 1995 — the same day, but twenty years earlier, that LBF founders Alexis & Jessica Gauthier lost their father. Alexis and Maria have been friends since 2005. It is without a shadow of a doubt that God allowed these two girls to cross paths.

January Video Testimony: Eden Monet


Eden isn’t just your average twenty-year-old college student. Yes, according to her Twitter feed, she enjoys avocado puns, binge-watching This Is Us episodes, and coffeeshop-hopping for the perfect latte; but beyond that, she spends her time singing on her church’s worship team and walking out the faith in God her mother once instilled in her.

You see, after 5 years of battling breast cancer, her mother’s health took a turn for the worst. In April of 2015, Eden’s worst nightmare came true when she lost her mom. However, just when you’d expect her to give up, Eden’s faith in God has only increased. Watch this video for the FULL STORY. It will leave you inspired to keep going, even when life gets tough.

November Video Testimony: Christian Molinary


Christian Molinary is a 29-year-old, currently working on his second year of Mainstream Orlando’s internship program at Faith Assembly of God. His passions include audio engineering, doing graphic design for church events, and creating t-shirt designs.

Christian’s upbringing wasn’t very typical. Having a father who was not in the picture, his real parents were never married, and he lacked a traditional father-figure in his life. Despite the challenges, he was blessed to live with and be raised by his grandfather for seven years of his childhood. Unfortunately, later on in Christian’s adult years, his grandfather developed cancer and eventually passed away. This video captures Christian’s journey and unpacks the numbness that can often be attached to overwhelming loss. Though it’s just nine months after losing his beloved father-figure, Christian has felt so much peace and grace on his life.

Watch the video for the full story.

October Testimony: Jonathan Reyes

Losing a parent, no matter how old you are or how expected the loss may be, is one of the most painfully life-altering experiences someone can go through. With that in mind, you would never know that Jonathan was almost five years old when he lost his father, and yet he still is the person he is today. In light of the instrumental absence of his earthly father, Jonathan shares how his mother played both roles to him and his 6 siblings while his heavenly father provided both healing and hope.

September Testimony: Kayla Jones

Behind Kayla’s smile and success, there’s a very inspirational story. She’s a determined 22-year-old girl who loves the arts, works as an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay, and serves on the Pastoring Team at The Voice Orlando. However, about 6 months ago, Kayla’s mother passed away due to complications during surgery. Watch this video to be blessed by the FULL STORY and see how, God is at work in Kayla’s life today.

August Testimony: Josh Rusch

About 9 years ago, when Josh was just an average teenage boy in high school, until his whole world got flipped upside down when he lost his father to lung cancer. What’s even worse, was that his father never smoked a day in his life. This video captures Josh’s play-by-play journey of what it was like to lose a father at such a young age.

Josh Rusch is the High School Coordinator at Faith Assembly. He is a licensed Assemblies of God minister and earned his credentials through Global University. Josh is passionate about behind-the-scenes tech-related work such as creating video podcasts, updating the ministry website, and editing videos. He has the sense of humor of Jimmy Fallon combined with Michael Scott (from The Office).

July Testimony: Lori Perkins


When Lori was 17 years old, she lost her mother very tragically. Little did she know, the last normal conversation she’d ever have with her mother would be sitting in the church pews. It’s through the legacy that her mother’s faith and character left behind that Lori is who she is today. In this video, Lori shares the painful and redemptive details of her experience.

Lori Perkins is 44 years young and mother to two amazing daughters. With a BA from the University of North Florida, Perkins and her husband team up in their passion of Martial Arts, instructing youth on the importance of self-defense and self-discipline. Sometimes Lori answers to “Mama Dojo.” When she’s not practicing Martial Arts, you can find her singing, training her beloved German Shepherd, or serving in ministry at her home church.

June Testimony: Joshua Crichlow

When Joshua was 17 he lost his mother to a 4-year battle with cancer. By interacting with him, you probably never would have guessed his story, because he exudes such joy and perseverance. Watch this video to see his complete story! Our heart is that it will bring you a sense of hope.

Originally from New Jersey, Joshua Crichlow graduated from University of Central Florida in 2015 with a Master’s degree in Applied Exercise Physiology. Crichlow is passionate about ministry, as he recently did a two-year internship with Mainstream Orlando, specializing in college-age and young adults. Josh has experience leading worship, preaching, and even coordinating volunteers.

Special Thanks to our Media Guys: Dominic Hing & Joshua Rusch

May Testimony: David Fagbenro

David Fagbenro, is a 22-year-old who serves in full-time ministry at Mainstream Orlando. Better known as “David Famous,” he produces music and artistic media, works at Nike, and entertains his peers with his hype charisma on his spare time. Unfortunately, David lost his mother about 6 years ago. This video testimony shares the heartbreaking yet very relevant story of his loss.