Why are you here?


“Why are you here?”
She asked the largely female crowd
Young women from across Canada
All strong, smart, driven and proud

Why are you here?
Voices piped up and answers were loud
“I want to make change…end oppression…run for office”
All their dreams reached the air in a muffled sound

Why are you here?
A question I’m all too familiar with
A question I never know how to respond to
A question where the correct answer feels as attainable as myth

Why are you here?
I stay silent, unsure what to say
Because I’m unsure what words would be voiced
Would an honest answer be okay?

Why are you here?
In a room full of people, all diverse and different
Would they understand I’m here for my God?
Would my blind faith and trust in its guidance be sufficient?

Why are you here?
Is it okay I have no idea His lesson in this all?
Is it okay that I’m here on a gut feeling?
That sometimes it just feels better to go than to stall?

Why are you here?
It’s an answer I don’t actually voice
But internally I reassure myself
That I am here, not of my own, but His choice

Why are you here?
Why are any of us here?
Isn’t the point to trust it’s for a purpose?
Even if right now that purpose is unclear?


Deighton is a 21 year old social work student at Ryerson University in Toronto Canada. Originally from a small town in Niagara, her small town heart feels at home in coffee shops, immersed in podcasts and sharing her passion for social justice with anyone she meets. Deighton is passionate about writing, flat lay photos and always making the perfect cup of tea.

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