FantASHtic Wednesday

Okay, so we know Easter is in a couple days, with that being said, we wanted to share this inspiring Ash-Wednesday-related blog post written a few weeks ago by Kenneth Wilson. For those that are unfamiliar, Ash Wednesday marks the FIRST day of Lent — and Lent is observed by the Western Christian Church for the 40 days leading up to Easter. So at this point, you will be reading this post in retrospect!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Ash Wednesday is fantashtic… but, really, I love this day on the Church calendar.  Not to say that I don’t love other days, but there is something special about Ash Wednesday every year, to me.  I’ve been an active member of the United Methodist Church in Arkansas since I was 12, and my understanding of the season of Lent has evolved so much.

Lent is not simply a time to give of anything with sugar in it.  Sugar is not disconnecting you from God.  A lot of people say spiritual discipline and renewal are the goals of Lent, and that is good, but I’d like to add to that a little bit.  Lent is about this, for me: Lent is about wisely and peacefully getting rid of anything that is between God and myself, it’s about me humbly drawing a little closer to God each day (each moment for that matter), and it’s about loving God enough to love myself, no matter how I am, and bring my loved-self into communion with God (Creator, Spirit, and Savior).

So, Lent in one word?  Communion.  Not the table with the bread and wine (sorry… grape juice?), but communion in the sense of connection with God.  This is a good spot to review James 4:8.

So, what am I doing for Lent to connect with God?  Last year I did NOT listen to “secular” music at all, and that was good.  This year I am:

-keeping every receipt I get

-jogging everyday

-learning a new church/prayer/worship/hymn/whatever-you-want-to-call-it song

-telling at least one person, everyday, that God loves them

I pray this challenges you to do more than give up just a soda, and if you’ve never celebrated Lent before!


(Editor’s Note: Just because Easter is in a couple days,  and you technically have to wait an entire calendar year in order to observe Lent again, doesn’t mean you can’t learn from the spirit of sacrifice in your life TODAY! Jesus died and rose again for you: It doesn’t have to be LENT to live for Him!)

God loves you,



21, Arkansas, youth pastor, guitar, coffee, literature, love God, love others.

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