Timid of Change


As the crystal ball dropped down upon 2 million spectators in Times Square, and people in homes all across the world set off bold fireworks of many colors, the new year was officially rung in. And as for most people, the new year brings new resolutions to attempt. From starting a diet to having more self-respect to embarking on an even deeper relationship with the Lord, we challenge ourselves to make shifts from our “normal” to what we hope will be our “better.” Yet, too often I believe that we become too scared to act on our desires of improvement. We become hindered by change.

I have always been timid of change. Even though my parents’ divorce occurred when I was merely three years old, I have always acknowledged how much one decision can radically change your life. While I understand that the separation was God’s best plan for my life, I still have to come to terms with the “what could have beens” and the “what never will bes.” I allow that response to control my outlook on life: though the change may be necessary, the potential consequences hold me back.

Even if my current circumstance is incredibly unhealthy, I’d still rather reside in the muck instead of scrounging to the surface only to possibly fail again. I become overwhelmed by the fact that I may not know what the outcome will be, therefore, I become complacent. I bring myself to the point of anxiety, regarding anything from past to present, fearing that the next change could be the one that breaks me.

But my reservations to change are not what should be leading me in life. My omniscient Lord should be. While I try to shy away from new opportunities and advancements, God’s desire is for me to see that He is in control. If my God can form the universe in just seven days, who am I to doubt His plan for my life? If my God can create man out of the dust of the earth, who am I to fear my next step? If my God is willing to give His Son so that I may live, who am I to tremble in fear when He asks me to change?

As we allow God to take control of our entire beings, we must not only be open to change, but expectant to it. 1 Samuel 10: 6 states, “The Spirit of the LORD will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person.” The more we accept Christ and welcome Him to have His way in our lives, His Spirit will begin to move within us, changing us into the person He has for us to be. Therefore, as we believe that our King is for us, we must also believe that our God desires to make us new again.

While change may be frightening, I encourage you to allow the Holy Spirit to have His way in your life. Enter this new season of life willing to encounter relentless love and never-ending forgiveness. And finally, run in faith towards the One who formed the steady ground beneath your feet.


hannah larson
Hannah Larson is sixteen-years-old and a high school student at an arts school in Lakeland, Florida. Larson is a Fine Arts participant and a passionate worshiper that loves all things writing, pizza, Disney, and elephants.

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