Perfect Storm


Tree branches gently sway in the wind, as autumn leaves kiss the cool cracked concrete. Some would call this the perfect fall day. Oh, how many of us love fall!? Or at least that’s what we say, until the wind picks up, clouds form, and all of a sudden we’re stranded with no shelter, angry at ourselves for not checking the weather before exiting the house.

As we stand there drenched in God’s tears, we realize that this scenario feels all too familiar. We run and seek shelter from the world when what we ‘loved’, (or so we thought we loved), turns against us.

Many times we get distracted by the scenery, while not really paying attention to the details. The scenery may be that smile that melts your heart, to those random thinking of you texts he/she sends your way.

Being human we so often fall for what we see, good or bad, because of how it makes us feel. The problem is that when things are bad for us, such as with relationships or ‘friendships’, we have the habit of not letting go, even when the Lord has told us to do so.

But that’s alright because sometimes we have to fall in order to learn how to stand upright.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens to us for a reason; every lesson is a blessing, and vice versa. We need to learn to uproot those pretty-looking trees that reap bad fruits or we will remain astray on cracked pathways.

As you enter your new season, please keep in mind that God’s love never fails; with that in mind, check for His approval in all things.

Moral of the story: it will rain or snow — so get covered.



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