January Video Testimony: Eden Monet


Eden isn’t just your average twenty-year-old college student. Yes, according to her Twitter feed, she enjoys avocado puns, binge-watching This Is Us episodes, and coffeeshop-hopping for the perfect latte; but beyond that, she spends her time singing on her church’s worship team and walking out the faith in God her mother once instilled in her.

You see, after 5 years of battling breast cancer, her mother’s health took a turn for the worst. In April of 2015, Eden’s worst nightmare came true when she lost her mom. However, just when you’d expect her to give up, Eden’s faith in God has only increased. Watch this video for the FULL STORY. It will leave you inspired to keep going, even when life gets tough.

One thought on “January Video Testimony: Eden Monet

  1. My dear Eden- you are so strong in the Lord. I am blessed with your encouraging words and how you have truly embraced the faith your parents have so diligently nurtured in you. I appreciate how telling your story has become your testimony to inspire faith in others! I can hear your mom smiling and joyfully saying “Eden that was so awesome!” Love you!


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