Social Media is a Perfectionist

Wether you’ve noticed or not, nearly everyone and everything you see on social media seems to be perfect. Every selfie, every photo of food, every musical post, every family photo, etc. seems to be polished and clean. All you see is smiles, and full blown makeup. Every photo at just the right angle. All posts trying to meet ultimate perfection in different ways and in every way possible, and honestly, we all kind of fall for it. I mean seriously, who would want to post a “I just woke up- no makeup- bad hair day- sleep deprived- bummy clothes- crusty face- emotional wreck selfie” anyway. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be presentable, but there is a problem when you lose sight of reality: perfect posts don’t mean perfect people.

We can get very caught up in making sure that our posts only expose our good side, meanwhile our bad side is completely off screens. However, what if it was much deeper than that? What if we’re just scratching the surface to deeper issues. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT PEOPLE ARE GOING THROUGH. Regardless of how good people may seem to have it, be there for them. As human beings, we thrive off of relationships; relationships help us grow and learn. We all need someone to vent to, someone we can trust, and someone we can be ourselves around. If social media is the closest relationship we have, then all we’re going to know is perfection. Taking this route will cause one to grow custom to not saying much and being closed off. Isolation and lack of vulnerability is not healthy to our mind, body, or spirit.

God has called us to be real with him, to be naked in his presence- completely vulnerable and open, not trying to cover up any imperfections nor attempt to be someone we are not. A [our] Creator must be in love with His creation, His masterpiece. 1 Peter 4:8 starts off by saying “Above all, love each other deeply…” Now if our Lord is commanding us, jacked up people, to love others deeply, He must know that we obviously have limitations simply because we are human and not perfect, therefore never are we able to do anything perfect… God must also know that as the one giving the commandment, He must also follow through… and how much MORE do you think our God loves us? Do you love your significant other a whole bunch? Do you think a mother can love her child with all her heart and soul? Well imagine how much more a perfect God loves his children.

Wow. So, I leave this with you: don’t believe the lies that social media forces you to believe. The lie that everyone is having the time of their lives in a perfect world. Unfortunately, this may lead us to believe that we don’t have anyone to relate to and that we are the “only ones” going through a situation. Trust me, no one has it perfect. We live in an imperfect world with imperfect people, and that’s okay. Embrace the mistakes, the mess, and the specks of dirt in your life because they help us to learn and be better. It is part of growing. I challenge you to post something that will allow people to feel comfortable with you, to feel like they can be real and transparent with you. Post a selfie with no makeup on a bad day and give encouragement (I promise it’ll make you feel good). Let your followers know that they can send you prayer requests. Be a little transparent on your page. No don’t spill all the beans on the latest drama and turn your account into some social media soap opera (some things you keep private), but if you had a rough week, share it. And when you share it, be sure to add some hope and uplifting words so that others can not only relate but can then be inspired and receive hope and joy just like you.

Never feed your mind lies, always feed it the truth.

Remember, Jesus loves you.




Isabel is 18, loves music, and thoroughly enjoys singing and photography. Fun fact!! She ALSO really likes dinosaurs.

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