Love God, Love Others…

Dear brothers and sisters,

This has been a crazy week or two recently. School is kickin’ my butt, but (see what I did there???) what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?!With all the unrest in the good ole USA due to elections, race issues, pipelines, and tons of other stuff… I thought I would do what any other child of God would do (hopefully), spread some love (not hate) (like butter on a hot chocolate chip waffle… you’re welcome).

This past week a kind Indian lady was doing free henna art for students at my college. When it was my turn to go, I asked her to put Mark 12:30-31 (go read it) on my wrist. She asked me what all of the numbers meant, and I gladly told her that it was a verse from the Holy Bible (NLT of course) about love. I told her my reason for wanting it was because in a season like this it is good to have a constant reminder of the greatest commandment… yes commandment, not commandments.

Let’s explore this a little bit. As trinity-affirming Christians, I think this concept of multiple things (persons) as one (substance) should be easy to grasp… right? The two greatest commandments are actually one commandment.

Jesus says that, “the second is equally important,” and at the end Jesus says, “No other commandment is greater than these.” But Kenneth, that “commandment” refers to the other– yeah, I know, but look back to verse 29 where Jesus replies to the teachers. Jesus says the word “commandment” (with no ‘S’ at the end). It’s singular.

… So, I leave you to contemplate this verse with a quote from my dear friend/pastor/mentor/brother Bill Sardin:

“We have a God that loves us so much that the way we show love for God is to love others.”

God loves you,

–Kenneth Andrés Wilson

P.S. – sorry for all the parentheses and ellipses =)


Kenneth Wilson is 21 years old and calls Arkansas home. Wilson serves as a youth pastor, invests time and talent playing guitar, enjoys a good cup of coffee, and truly loves a good read. His life motto is simple: love God, love others.

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