The Power of Belief

Hey everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood hypeman AD! I’ve been given another opportunity to write to you. This time it is about encouragement! This has to be one of my biggest dreams; to inspire others to be great, to “gas them up” in their fiery talents, to believe in someone for who they are and what they can be. In shorter terms, to be a professional hypeman!

Once again, I would LOVE to thank and acknowledge Let’s Be Frank for the continuous outlet they provide to those who want to share their voice and lives to those who may need it in their hour of need. Y’all are too awesome

So you want to be a professional hypeman huh? You want to support your brothers and sisters with words of support and challenges of growth. Well, you are reading the right blog. I hope to expand my experience of being a hypeman and give you all tips on being an encourager, a challenger, an inspiration, and the all around hyped up person you can be.

  1. Belief is the Source

You remember those dramatic cartoon action shows, on our favourite TV network when we were younger? You also remember there were the episodes, if not every episode, the main character would be in a heap of trouble with no outlet?  Then you remember some voice in the background or a flashback would remind them that they have someone who is counting on them and who wants them to succeed? They have someone who BELIEVES in them. Those moments are more real life than we think.

The power in believing in someone is life changing.

Each of us has the ability to inspire one another to do great things, and all it takes is belief in them.

I look at Hebrews 10:24 and it briefly states, “And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.” This to me, symbolizes that we can empower others to greatness and  love. Look at a possible scenario in your life. Your best friend is going to create an app that could change the shape of technology, but no one is giving him/her a shot. However,  they push and push because you are the only one pushing them to continue fulfilling the dream. You are able to see their dream as well. He/she maybe become downcast and discouraged, but you have the power to sway them away from giving up. Soon enough he/she will be able to tell the world, “I told you so.” You will be standing next to them, nodding in agreement saying, “He/she told you so.”

       2. Challenge the Norm

“Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” right? We are taught to believe that if we remain consistent in what we do nothing can go wrong, but nobody explains the problems of plateauing. You become complacent, good enough is good enough. You are too scared to move because of  how great you have it. That is the downfall of talent and its hypeman. They grow used to what they know and the hypeman doesn’t want to jeopardize the “greatness” of the talent they support so they remain silent and stick with the status quo.

To me, greatness doesn’t have a peak, the sky’s the limit.

Sure you have to check yourself and not get ahead of yourself. But that shouldn’t stop you from moving ahead. Ask yourself,  what has been done and how can you expand on that? Your talent is focusing on his/her own moves, it is your job as hypeman to look for the next improvement or outlet to expand his/her greatness. They count on you just as much as you believe in them.

  1. Don’t forget about SELF-HYPE

In that last point, it seemed like it was catering to the needs of the talent you support. So I want to end with the support of yourself. It is imperative that you take care of yourself and give them the same amount of hypeness you’re giving to your talent and to yourself. You are the closest person to yourself. Enjoy yourself, and find what makes you heal in times of weariness. There will be times when your talent will flop or won’t have a great success as you hoped and you will feel that weight on your shoulders. First, you are human, and so is your talent you support. Both of you have limits and flaws that will stagger you from reaching your goal, but it shouldn’t stop you from your goal.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at what you have and enjoy that moment for what it’s worth.

 No high enough pedestal you put yourself and talent on will transcend you into another plane of being. You are human. Live in that. Enjoy that. Master that. Make sure that your talent supports you and your dreams as you continue along the path of life. Cross may split but that doesn’t mean the support has to. Give yourself some hype. Believing in yourself is like some lost art in today’s society. We are flooded with ideas that we aren’t good enough or can’t go, but we are the only ones that can truly stop ourselves from going.

There is so much power in believing in yourself and others. People were meant to be with each other, to grow, to learn, to love, to experience, to become great, and ultimately to live with. To those reading this, I believe in you and that you will find yourself through that belief.

You have so much potential, ideas, and greatness that can change this world for the better.

I really do believe that, even if you have yet to believe it yourself.

With much hope & faith,
– AD


Endrale Morriseu is better known by his nickname “AD”. He enjoys things like meditation and spacing out into another dimension. AD is 22, from Cape Coral Florida, and he is passionate about writing spoken words and dancing. His goal is to just be an inspiring hype man for all.

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