November Video Testimony: Christian Molinary


Christian Molinary is a 29-year-old, currently working on his second year of Mainstream Orlando’s internship program at Faith Assembly of God. His passions include audio engineering, doing graphic design for church events, and creating t-shirt designs.

Christian’s upbringing wasn’t very typical. Having a father who was not in the picture, his real parents were never married, and he lacked a traditional father-figure in his life. Despite the challenges, he was blessed to live with and be raised by his grandfather for seven years of his childhood. Unfortunately, later on in Christian’s adult years, his grandfather developed cancer and eventually passed away. This video captures Christian’s journey and unpacks the numbness that can often be attached to overwhelming loss. Though it’s just nine months after losing his beloved father-figure, Christian has felt so much peace and grace on his life.

Watch the video for the full story.

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