I’m lost in a world where lies thrive

Like my friend would say only the strong survive

In a world where some live and some exist

Where some breathe while some exit

A world full of fakeness

Where people care less about your existence

A judgmental world of cruelty

A mere handful are found worthy and lofty

Standing aside from the world i stare down

As the vicious maim the feeble for a mere crown

Some may think that they’re great and all

Because they’re spotless and drink no alcohol

Then they raise their hands ready to claw

But you’re for peace so you walk out and shut the door

It’s a world where you can’t be yourself

Because they love you better when you’re somebody else

It’s a world where they judge you because you’re a certain way

Because they can’t see the things that you may

Nobody bothers to know how they feel

You think they enjoy to go through such ordeal

Battered and shoved in the lockers

Rejected by their fathers and mothers

Having to go through neglect

Being what the world rejects

Some are going through some sort of pain

But are stigmatized and treated with disdain

Be a little subtle with people in the world

Because your reward isn’t from men but from the Lord

I fall on both knees and i pray

That the evil in the world would go away

We are humans and sometimes we stray

I pray that you will show us the right way

Maybe I should spin the globe again

Maybe it’d take me to a place with no stain

Unblemished and glowing

Where people are hopeful so they keep sowing

I hope to find such a world

Because this one is far from what I heard.


Aruchi Thompson is from from Rivers, Nigeria. She is 19 years old, and born is currently studying Sociology at the University of PortHarcourt, Nigeria. Aruchi loves speaking life into people and teaching. She has a passion to express herself through writing, has a love for politics, and truly adores music alot. In her spare time, you might find Aruchi playing football and watching television.

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