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You know what’s phenomenally beautiful about the God we serve?

He’s relentless.

His love will never stop and He will never stop having compassion for us. God will never leave us astray. With God, we are never alone, our suffering and pain have no place, and more significantly — for this post — depression has no place.

Recently, I’ve found myself questioning God. I sat down and had a moment of prayer, asking Him, why me? It seemed like the higher up I felt, the harder I presumed I would fall. I was full of anxieties and heartache that I did not understand. In that moment, I felt God asking me, what wrong? What do you need?

. . .But how could I tell the maker of all the Earth, that I’m just scared, — and when I’m scared, I don’t know if anyone else out there does this, but fear makes me flee and in fleeing, I feel as though I always fall short since my faith was shaken. It’s a snowball affect.

This life is full of countless, painful situations — situations that the enemy and ourselves thought would break us, but this all brings me back to the beauty of our Creator — someone who painted me so perfectly and aligned my steps so that I would, one day, WILLINGLY want what God wants from me, even if it is uncomfortable.

Now, God is not calling for any of us to be depressed, but rather, to give our depression to Him — to not let this depression, this baggage, hold us down any longer. Growth is uncomfortable but it is also necessary.

In the midst of whatever you circumstance is, God is there and waiting for you to run to Him with all that you are so you can ground yourself in Him. Ground yourself in His unyielding love and see how things starts to change.

We know this, so why is it so hard to give it all to Him?

Why do we let our past pain dictate how we love someone who never once changed how He loved us?

God is relentless, this means He is unceasing, never-ending, and constant.

Your mentality will start to transform because the love of God changes you and pretty soon,

your depression,

your heartache,

your grief,

. . . will all start to fade.

He will draw you out of darkness into glory. Now this doesn’t mean our life will be perfect but when those troubles come… Are you ready for the best part of all of this? God has written us a huge love story — 66 books to be exact – full of all the answers to anything you can be going through. Don’t lose hope and don’t you ever let whatever is holding you back to stop you from experiencing and basking in the love of God.

“The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”
Zephaniah 3:17

Meet The Author

Paola Acosta
Paola Acosta is 20 years old, originally from Miami, FL, currently residing in Orlando, and relocating to Lakeland, to continue her Junior year at SEU. Paola is a double-major in Elementary Education and TESOL. Her dream is to travel the world, leaving bits and pieces of God’s love everywhere she goes. Some of Paola’s loves include reading, writing, and photography.

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