An ambulance is at times referred to as a rescue, a saving vehicle. Our only true Rescue is Jesus Christ; His love, mercy, and redemption. He controls it all. He created the earth, us, science, and medicine; He created it all, He is always in total control. God sent His only son to pay the ultimate sacrifice, His Life, to rescue us all because He loved us that much. That seems crazy to me because we can’t fully understand this. The most generous act ever, in all history and we won’t fully comprehend it til we meet Jesus. I’m no longer a afraid of that. Why? Because it’s been made extremely clear to me that He calls ALL the shots in our lives and even in our deaths. Death answers to HIM, everything does. Perfect love is what He is, driving out all our fear. (1 John 4:18)

I’ve always known all this deep down and grew up learning(and want to learn more) about God but through trials which He turns into testimonies it has become MUCH clearer. God saved me from three tumors: one cancerous, one benign, and one atypical-which means it was getting the idea to become cancer. The last two were central neurocytomas but I am a childhood cancer survivor, at eight years old, the first being a Wilms tumor in my right kidney. I spiraled down before up. Like an arrow being pulled back before shooting forward. Another thing I love & find strength in are rainbows because they always arrive after a storm and are a sign of God’s everlasting promise with us. And let me assure you every single promise He makes, He always keeps. I have failed Him many promises but He has never not once failed and never will.

My first tumor, the Wilms tumor, was in my right kidney(a common childhood tumor), it was immediately removed and I quickly began chemotherapy treatment. However, it had to be suspended due to a bacteria I got while in the hospital, c. diff., which killed all my blood cells-white and red. Also, the death rates of this bacteria were unfortunately higher than the tumor & it’s treatment. Even so, by God’s good grace and mercy He was listening to every word my family and friends prayed so He rescued me. Then I had a benign brain tumor removed at 16 which returned at 18, atypical; so I then received radiation therapy directly to the middle of my brain where the tumor had been. God has answered the prayers of my family, friends, and even my neurosurgeon(who is a God fearing man) for me three times, I’ve never doubted Him with my health and life. After all He gave it to me and He will decide when my earthly life is up and even then I will trust Him. (Psalm 23:4) I’ve also found strength and peace in numerous Bible verses(after all the Bible is our manual to life) but one of my favorites that goes with my story is Phil 4:13 because someone I love very much once said to me: God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. In almost every moment of my story, and my life, I see the Lord’s Hand at work to rescue me and I can guarantee if you look closely you can also see His Hand in your own life.


Alexandra Williams is a 20 year old girl blessed abundantly by God. Saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, strengthened with His Holy Spirit. Thankful to Him for 12 years(and counting) cancer free!

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