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“I lean not on my own understanding, my life is in the hands of the maker of heaven, I give it all to You God trusting you’ll make something beautiful out of me.”

This words cut through my heart and reminds me of God’s love in my life. Many a times we forget how good He is to us, many a times we give up on God especially when we are going through challenges in our lives. We forget he knew us, our destiny’s even before we were born. From our mothers wombs He chose us and His blood flows through our veins.

So why is it we find ourselves loosing hope on God? When we pray to our father we are eager to hear from Him immediately and if our prayers are not answered we end up discouraged. I am a victim of getting discouraged when my prayers are not answered or God gives me a different answer from what I have been praying for. Discouragement is a tool the devil uses to ensure we don’t progress. He uses it to bring doubt in our minds about our God being able to grant us our hearts desires. When we are discouraged we definitely will not achieve anything. We should remember our God will never put something in our hearts that He knows we cannot achieve. It might take long to achieve it but He who started a good work in us will ensure it comes to completion.

However to overcome discouragement we must have certain tools. This tools have helped me and still are helping me. I will be a hypocrite If say that I no longer get discouraged but when that feeling starts forming in my heart I focus more on my Lord Jesus and I remind myself of where he has taken me from and where he is taking me.

First prayer is a very important tool. God already knows what you are going through but it helps when you can talk to him and vent how you’re feeling to him. Every time I am discouraged I go on my knees and once I am done speaking to God I feel a big weight as been lifted. The best answers to our situations will be found when we are on our knees. It doesn’t mean the problem will be fixed but it puts hope in our hearts that things will not remain the same. When we pray somehow we get a refilling of hope prayer is like fuel to our souls. The same way a car can’t move without fuel it’s the same way we can’t do without prayer. It will make you shift your problem and turn more to God and bring peace in your hearts.

Secondly is letting go of our past. Most discouragement comes from us comparing our current situation with our past. I came to realize that the decisions I made in the past should not determine my decisions right now. Just because something didn’t work out then doesn’t mean it wont work now. Yes sometimes we say our past decisions affect the future. But when we are in God we can fully trust in him and say we are beginning something that’s new and fresh and letting go of our past. If we focus so much on the wrong decisions we made before we will never move forward. Lastly I always choose faith over fear. When we are discouraged we get afraid. It is fear taking the better part of who we are. In such situations we need to trust more in our God and know that He will always fight for us. He knows what is best for our lives and even though things might not work the way we might want right now, He is preparing something better for us. But we need to have faith in Him fully.

So despite what you are going through in your life remember that we serve a big God who will never fail us. In times when discouragement creeps in just say: Be still my heart I know that you are God and you have answered my prayers.”


I am a born again and 25 years old.Living in Nairobi,Kenya.I hold a Masters in Strategic Management and Bachelors in Industrial Psychology.I love singing,sharing the word of God to fellow young people.

One thought on “BE STILL MY HEART

  1. Beautiful story written by a beautiful soul! Wonderful to see God’s encouragement & uplifting Holy Spirit fill beautiful souls all around the world. Thank you for sharing & God bless you always sister!


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