What Is Your Name?


The following post was written by a member of our #LetsBFrank community in response to the impact this movement has had on his life.

Let’s be Frank…

It’s kind of crazy to think about how a name can also be a definition for something.

Have you have ever noticed the names of Bible characters? Each person’s name had a definition attached to the identity of the person

“Isaac” meant laughter.
“David” meant beloved.
“Immanuel” meant God with us, … which was Jesus’ name.

With the launch of this movement, we have all decided to take on the name “Frank”. We very consciously choose to be Frank. We wear it as a badge of honor. The fact is that we didn’t just choose the name we choose the meaning behind the name.

We decided, as individuals coming together for one purpose, that we were each going to be honest with ourselves and honest with the world. We decided, as members of this movement, to intentionally reveal how we are feeling and what we have gone through, are going through, or may one day undergo.

Honestly, there are things going on in my life RIGHT NOW that I hate being honest about:

           I hate that I still live at home with my parents.
          I hate that I feel like a failure.
      I hate that I am not where I thought I was going to be at this age.

… and if I am being completely frank:
                                                I hate that I can’t even get a date (as stupid as it may sound)

BUTwith all this being said — I have learned that the way you act within situations speak volumes about your character; and the manner in which you react to life is what gives definition to your name.

As we all taken on this challenge of honesty and being Frank, let’s also examine our lives to see if they line up with the definition you want associated with your name.

My name is Samuel but I don’t want my name to be defined by the feelings of hate that I explained earlier. Interestingly enough, in Hebrew, my name actually means name of God. Although I still haven’t figured out exactly how to live up to that name, I do know that I have the power to choose what people will remember me by when they hear my name.

Like I said, I don’t want to be remembered by hate, and with that being said, I put forth every effort to be remembered as man who:

           loves people,
                      exudes joy,
                                 is associated with laughter,
                                            and is characterized by friendship.

In addition, I want my name to frankly portray my strengths, ONLY in light of the transformation from weakness to strength. I understand that I might not have a date today, but I am confident that one day my name will be remembered as dad or husband. I might not have the official pastoring job I wish I had by now, but because I’m learning to pastor people where I’m at in life, I know that without a shadow of a doubt that one day — only by God’s grace and my faithfulness to the call — my name will be remembered as pastor.

My goal is that one day, when people hear the name Samuel and reflect back on the life I lived, they will remember these things; and because that’s my end goal, everything I do here on out will all lead back to the one simple question: what’s my name?

So, be Frank with yourself and ask: what’s your name?


Samuel Seda
Samuel Seda is a 22-year-old lover of adventure. Samuel was born in Puerto Rico, but currently lives in Orlando, FL. His goal is to be a Pastor, with a life-long commitment to full-time ministry. His passions include long-boarding, performing magic tricks, and surfing.

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