Welcome to “Let’s Be Frank” — a community of people  committed to bringing purpose to our pain. Founded by sisters and Pastors Jessica & Alexis Gauthier, “Let’s Be Frank” was inspired by the very real and heartbreaking story of losing their father (FRANK) to a short battle with brain cancer in August 2015.

In a society bombarded with social media posts that are only half-true; in a culture cluttered with content that’s constantly contradicting and confusing; in a world where young people are so often discouraged, degraded, and derailed — the heartbeat behind the “Let’s Be Frank” Initiative is to fill that void. Practically, this movement will shape culture and change the way people think, act, live, and respond.

On that note, the “Let’s Be Frank” Initiative exists . . . to promote (1) a lifestyle of loyalty, (2) a commitment to candid-living, and (3) hope-based humility, and (4) a spirit of selfless giving and servanthood among our generation. Each of these characteristics are adapted from the life Frank lived and associated with the word literal meaning of the word “FRANK”.

/ adjective /
“open, honest, and direct in speech or writing, especially when dealing with unpalatable matters”
SYNONYMS: “open, candid, sincere.”

“This is a movement that brings purpose to our pain, but not just our pain; it will unveil the beauty within the pain of others who have also lost a loved one, because we realized that the enemy does not win when we suffer, the enemy ONLY WINS when we are silent in our suffering. So, “Let’s Be Frank” is a platform for our generation to be a VOICE together — a community of warriors who have survived a few battle wounds and are still standing here to show that life is worth fighting for.”


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Kerline is 23-years-old, currently pursuing her call to evangelism and full-time ministry while enrolled in Mainstream Leadership College at Faith Assembly of God in Orlando, FL.

Although Kerline’s siblings were born in Haiti, Kerline was born in Miami, FL where she grew up in a community called “Little Haiti”. Growing up, Kerline grew very close to a family friend who was like a father to her. Unfortunately, he developed cancer and passed away when she was about 16 years old. It wasn’t until after his death that she discovered that HE WAS HER BIOLOGICAL FATHER.

Without revealing too many details, it’s pertinent to know that within two year’s time, Kerline also lost her stepfather. Imagine the confusion,sadness, and doubt that must have accompanied this season. Watch the FULL VIDEO to learn how this who story unraveled.

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